February 13 2019

Trndez: Traditions in the Language of Fire

On February 13 Christian Armenians celebrate Trndez (also Tyarndarach and Candlemas Day) which  is a feast of purification in the Armenian Apostolic Church and Armenian Catholic Churches, celebrated 40 days after Jesus’s birth.

However, Pagan Armenians used to celebrate it in the name of Tir – the god of science and scholars, and also in the name of Vahagn – god of Sun and warfare. The most important component of Trndez is the bonfire, which is still actual nowadays. People are flying over the bonfire believing, that it will bring luck to them.

EIU second-year students of the Law Department surprised the university students, professors and staff. They gathered everyone by the bonfire and celebrated the holiday with the traditional sweets made with their own efforts.

Suren Ohanyan, the EIU Rector also joined the students and expressed his admiration about the students’ wonderful initiative.

Foreign students also participated in the celebration.