April 15 2019

Transforming Saudi Universities in an Era of Change

The Head of the EIU Quality Assurance Center Arevik Ohanyan, participated in the 8th International Exhibition and Conference for Higher Education (IECHE) from April 10, 2019, until April 13, 2019. During the conference, the Minister of Education of Saudi Arabia Dr. Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sheikh presented Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030”. The Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia outlines 24 specific goals for the Kingdom to achieve in economic, political and societal development. Vision 2030 further articulates 18 commitments to achieve these goals – with specific initiatives in renewable energy, manufacturing, education, e-governance, entertainment and culture. Prominent scientists and, researchers and futurists presented education perspectives, development trends and challenges.

Alain Beretz, the Director-General for Research and Innovation at the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research stated that “Higher Education Institutions should be agile; they should think forward and should not refuse their roles as the engines of economy. The speaker underlined the importance of autonomy of higher education institutions, which would enable more dynamic management practices.

A number of prominent scientists were present at the conference who addressed new models and approaches of higher education management and governance, discussed future skills that will be required in the labor market, the role of artificial intelligence in higher education, the future of teaching and learning for the new generation-iGen.

In parallel with the conference an international exhibition was held, which was attended by over 350 best universities from different countries.