Dear visitors of the EIU website,

On the behalf of the Eurasia International University’s community, I would like to wholeheartedly greet you. Throughout the years of its activity, the staff and the faculty of the university have made all the efforts to develop and apply academic programs appropriate for the challenges and the requirements of our times with the goal to preserve the best of our national education system.

Apart from theory and practical skills and abilities, the faculty highly stresses the significance of developing integrity, honesty, and critical thinking. The university does not limit its missions to merely creating and transferring the knowledge, but also goes beyond and realizes the urgency of educating law-abiding citizens.

With the help of the faculty and their collaboration with the international labor market, the institution has had the chance to review the academic content in accordance with national and international standards. This, in its turn, has directly contributed to the increase of the student employment rate. The university stands firmly by its students’ side not only when they are in  search of a job, but also when they establish their own startups. EIU is ready to provide free office space as well as offers consultations and any further support required for students to establish a personal business.

Dear visitors,

EUI is an open innovative institution of higher education. It will accompany and assist all the determined students with critical thinking and diverse personal qualities on their way to obtain education and grow professionally.


The rector of Eurasia International University,

Ph.D., Professor

Suren Ohanyan


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