Eurasia International University offers various possibilities for reimbursement of tuition fees based on the student’s social status and academic performance. Furthermore, the university also offers work and study opportunities (at student labs, hostel, quality assurance and academic development centers and may other positions). Such work and study not only are a way to reimburse tuition fees but also help students to gain practical skills and grow professionally. To learn more on employment opportunities and to find an appropriate position at the university, we kindly advise you to turn to the EIU Career Center.

All the scholarships provided to EIU students are arranged during the 1st year and are subject for annual revisions.

Students may apply for scholarships starting from August 25 till September 10 every year. The Admissions Committee reviews scholarship applications and makes final decisions. After the deadline for scholarship applications, the applications of the students who have failed any of the subjects will not be considered.

If the status of the deferred student was successfully restored (academic leave, health condition, compulsory military service, or participation to international student exchange project) the previous right to receive scholarship is preserved.


Social support

The university offers social support to the following students:

  • Students from socially disadvantaged and incomplete families: 50%
  • Male students who successfully completed compulsory army service: 25%
  • Students from remote areas close to the borderline: 30%

The support is provided the board of trustees after the thorough considerations and a final decision. The university collaborates with Tufenkian charitable foundation. Moreover, the foundation grants scholarships to the students in need.

Turpanjian scholarship

EIU collaborates with Turpanjian family scholarship of the American University of Armenia. The foundation provides scholarships to the EIU students.

Turpanjian family foundation grants scholarships to students so that they have their long-term contribution to the political, social and economic development of Armenia. The Turpanjian scholarship program partly covers a student’s tuition fee for the overall academic program with the only requirement that a student should have good academic standing. The awarded scholarships are directly transferred to the university.

St. Jon’s family scholarships and awards

The scholarship is offered to students with high academic performance at schools. The applicants from Shirak region are prioritized.

Aduryan scholarship

Aduryan scholarship was first awarded in the 2010-2011 academic year. The scholarship program aims to create favorable academic conditions for perspective male students who have successfully completed compulsory army service in the recent two years. Moreover, the scholarship program strives to support and assist post-army students in the labor market. All the scholarship candidates are to fill in the application, afterwards the applicants are invited to an interview with the board of trustee with participation of one of the members from Aduryan family. The best two candidates receive the scholarship for the first years of studies in the academic program. If the students maintain high academic performance later on they are awarded “Eurasia” scholarship.

Ohanyan scholarship

Ohanyan scholarship is awarded to the 5% of the students maintaining the highest GPA. The scholarship may constitute from 10 to 100 % of a student’s tuition fee.

Both bachelor and master’s students who are awarded Ohanyan scholarship are offered to participate to work and study program. For Bachelor students the weekly engagement to the work and study program comprises up to ten hours, for Master’s students up to twenty hours. All the EIU students are eligible for Ohanyan scholarship. The students are assessed based on their GPAs. The table below presents the amount of the scholarship, the number of the awarded students and the duration of allocated work and study work based on their GPA.

The amount of the scholarship, the number of the awarded students, as well as the work and study duration allocated to them:


Type of the scholarshipThe amount of the scholarship as to the tuition feeIs awarded to the number of the students

Duration of engagement


Bacherlor studiesMaster’s studies



maximum 0,5%


10 hours


20 hours


II90%the following 0,5%9 hours

18 hours


III80%the following 0,5%

8 hours


16 hours





the following 0,5%

7 hours


14 hours





the following 0,5%

6 hours


12 hours





the following 0,5%5 hours10 hours



the following 0,5%

4 hours


8 hours



the following 0,5%3 hours

6 hours





the following 0,5%

2 hours


4 hours


X10%the following 0,5%1 hour2 hours


The distribution and all the decisions regarding the Ohnayan scholarship are announced at the beginning of each term and are valid till the end of the given term.

Eurasia scholarship

Eurasia scholarship is awarded to Master’s students who have participated to scientific conferences and/or have been published in the university’s journal or any other RA peer-reviewed professional journal. The scholarship comprises 10-15% of the tuition fee for one term. The scholarship is awarded to 3% of the EIU students.

Scholarship for teaching

Teaching scholarship is awarded to students who uphold the position of teaching assistant’s, hence being engaged in the teaching process. The teaching scholarship is not awarded to the students who have been granted “Research”, “Eurasia” or “Ohanyan” scholarships.

Scholarship for research

The scholarship for research is awarded by the center of International relations and research. The scholarship is granted to the students who have demonstrated their skills and knowledge in research and participate to the research conducted within the university.

Scholarship for research is awarded for the time allocated for the research and comprises 5% of a student’s tuition fee. The students awarded with the scholarship for research are privileged to participate to international student exchange projects. The scholarship cannot be awarded if a student has been granted any of the above mentioned scholarships. The decisions regarding the scholarship of research are announced at the beginning of each term. Students are to sign a contract with the researcher.

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