January 31 2019

Regular Course within the Framework of Famous Program “Step Forward”

On January 31, 2019, a regular seminar was organized within the framework of “Step Forward” famous program, this time, at “Ohanyan” College.  The seminar called “Teamwork and leadership” conducted Mary Shahbazyan, the responsible of EIU Center of Career Development and Employer Relation. The meeting, full of interactive activities, was aimed at promotion of childrens’ teamwork, the raise of child’s involvement as a personality in a team, the definition of team’s mutual goals and their achievements. Using various ways and methods, the pupils had various opportunities to find solutions to real problems in different situations.

As pupils stated, the activities used during the teamwork helped them to value more the trust and respect for a friend, to consider opinions, to orientate quickly and make right decisions to reveal problems and to overcome them.

The trainings were quite active, which evidenced the interest of the students to the material provided.

Let us remind that, with the support of Yerevan Municipality, Eurasia International University, has been implementing the “Step Forward” skills-development program for many years, the goal of which is to provide students with additional educational services aimed at improving the efficiency and motivation of learning. The program was also approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia and received the appropriate permission to be held in high schools.

Eurasia International University highly appreciates the warm welcome and the active collaboration with “Ohanyan” College.