Intensive courses: preparation for entrance exams

Eurasia International University offers intensive state examination preparatory courses. The study groups consist of maximum twelve students. If necessary, we also offer supplementary individual courses.

The courses for the following subjects are offered:

  • Armenian
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science and Web development

General Information

  • We apply only innovative and modern teaching methods
  • Courses are held five times a week for four hours
  • We offer the best possible and highly convenient study environment
  • The university is equipped with the computer lab, where students may access the university Moodle library database as well as Duke University Press Journals, Edward Elgar Products and Publishing academic databases
  • We offer the course on information systems in collaboration with a WITSA member international IamIT organization and other foreign technology schools
  • The total price of the courses for four subjects is 400 000 AMD.
  • In order to track their performance students are regularly assessed throughout all the courses and based on their results their individual study plan is modified

Note: For those students who take the preparatory course and plan to apply to Eurasia International University, the tuition fee for the preparatory course is considered as a tuition pre-payment for the university.

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