Post graduate studies (Management)

Based on the decree by the RA Ministry of Education (27.08.2012; N 802 A/K), Eurasia International University offers post graduate education on the specialization of “Economy, economics and management of its industries” (H-00.02).


H-00.02Economy, economics and management of its industries

  • The duration of the academic program is three years for full-time students, and four years for part-time students.
  • All the applicants, who completed master’s studies at the RA state and non-state accredited local or foreign institutions of higher education and have successfully passed the below mentioned exams are welcome to apply to the post graduate program at EIU. The applicants are to submit a scientific research paper on the specialization of their choice. The research paper is required to either contain at least 20 print pages or be published in a journal with a minimal volume of 0.5.
  • EIU admissions committee grants the permission to take professional exams only after the applicant has successfully passed exams on foreign languages and computer skills, as well as has presented a research paper (all the research papers should be peer-reviewed along with the positive feedback from the specialized chair).
  • EIU is one of the member universes of the “Erasmus+” project fully funded by the European Union. This grants EIU post graduate students an opportunity to receive a scholarship in order to study and conduct part of their research in the EU universities (the scholarships are granted in the competitive basis). You may find more details about international exchange programs here.
  • For a successful admission to a post graduate program at EIU, the applicant should receive the minimal score of 12 (out of 20) for the professional exams. All the applicants who receive the score below 12 are not competitive for the admissions any longer.

Documents Required for the Admissions to Full-Time or Part-Time Postgraduate Programs

  • An application to the EIU Rector
  • The certificate on passing proficiency exams on “foreign languages” and “computer skills”
  • The certificate on qualification exams
  • A personal employment record, autobiography, three photos (sized 3×4 cm)
  • Copies of passport and social card
  • Copies of higher professional diploma and diploma annex
  • Record of the employment book (if available)


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