General Description

The awarded qualification

Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy

The mission of the academic program

The aim of the BA in Pharmacy academic program is to prepare qualified and professional pharmacists well equipped with profound practical and theoretical knowledge. Our program graduates will possess analytical thinking and will be able to conduct research in the field of pharmaceutics, develop new medications, assist the production as well as pursue career at scientific research centers.

The academic program targets

Based on the Mission and the Academic Strategy (2014-2018) of the Eurasia International University the academic program targets the following goals:


  1. Create collaborative environment in order to offer the education corresponding to both national and European quality assurance standards and the market demand
  2. Offer the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities for students to obtain both practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of pharmaceutics
  3. Provide students with the required general knowledge and skills appropriate for pharmacists
  4. Contribute to the competitiveness of the students in the market as well as their development as full members of the society who possess analytical thinking and profound knowledge in their professional field
  5. Encourage students to become life-long learners and always strive towards improvement and continuous self-development


  1. Encourage the implementation of the students’ research and innovative initiatives by introducing research methods to them

Public Service

  1. Boost students’ qualification engaging them in the professional service provided at pharmacies, scientific research centers, as well as pharmaceutical production companies

Admissions requirements

The applicant should posses the School Certificate of General Secondary Education, or diploma on vocational education with the final transcript (attestat) approving the completion of general or professional secondary education.

Employment opportunities

  1. The students who have successfully graduated BA in Pharmacy academic program may be employed as a pharmacist or a pharmacologist at pharmacies, pharmaceutical production companies, scientific research centers and many other related institutions. The graduates of the program may also be employed at various related positions within state infrastructures.

The distinctive features of the EIU Master programs

  • Individual approach to every student; personalized development of career opportunities, consulting
  • Teaching opportunities for student equipped with practical skills
  • Academic programs are designed in a way to meet the needs of a labor market
  • Regular sessions with successful and notorious representatives from various spheres
  • Numerous opportunities to receive scholarships and continue education abroad (particularly to continue education abroad within the framework of Erasmus + student exchange program sponsored by the European Union)
  • Flexible schedule, which allows Master’s students to couple their studies along with their employment (classes are organized in the evening after the working hours and on Saturdays)

Skills and Competences

Banking and insurance

Not only the graduates of the program will obtain profound professional and systematic practical knowledge, they also will develop the following skills and abilities:

  • Develop medications using the methods of experimental production ensuring correspondence to the national and international principles of technology application and sanitary principles
  • Organize and implement the preparation and storage of herbal raw materials
  • Inform doctors, pharmacists and customers about major features of medications, their pharmacotherapeutic properties, application and contraindications, rational application of medication as well as possibility to replace one treatment with another
  • Promptly organize and offer first aid for patients in emergency situations
  • Ensure the eco-friendly production of medications as well as the application of security and technology rules. Legally document any type of pharmaceutical production based on the state standards.
  • Develop foreign language proficiency (both speaking and writing skills) in order to easily access international literature and be able to use it as a working language
  • Solve professional problems with the application of mathematical methods. Possess proficient computer skills.
  • Ensure the control over the development, production, conservation, and application stages of medications based on the set standards
  • Conduct chemotherapy research for the investigation purposes in order to reveal poisonous elements or their metabolites in body fluids, organs, water and food remnants, or medications.