May 10 2018

New Approaches to Public Administration by Professor Ramon Lorenzo

Eurasia International University continues its intensive cooperation with Santiago de Compostela University (Spain) within the framework of Erasmus + program. In this context, on May 10, 2018 EIU hosted Professor Ramon Bouzas Lorenzo, Spain, and initiated a 2-day symposium on “New Approaches to Public Administration”.

At the start of the training, the facilitator talked on the concept of “organization” by defining its basic elements, then he elaborated on the organizational structure, on the effect of external factors upon the latter, on the organizational behavior and culture and their specific features, all supported by graphs.

The facilitator talked on the concept of “bureaucracy” as a specific form of an organizational system using practical examples of relationships within the staff of an organization. The speaker made comparative parallels between the development of bureaucratic systems in 18th-19th and 21-st centuries, referring to external and internal transformations during that period.

At the end, Professor Lorenzo showed the audience a video about the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain, as an excellent example of public administration.

We would like to remind that the two-day discussions were organized in the context of the Erasmus + project, by Eurasia International University in partnership with Santiago de Compostela University (Spain).