The International relations and research center of the Eurasia International University provides EIU students exception opportunities to study abroad.

As a result of the extensive collaboration between EIU and partner universities, currently there are six available exchange programs funded by the EU. The partner universities offering exchange opportunities are:

  1. Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  2. Warsaw School of Economics
  3. Middle-East University in Turkey
  4. Masaryk University in Czech Republic
  5. Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius
  6. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  7. Santiago de Compostela University n Spain
  8. University of Valencia in Spain
  9. Cyprus Technological University 

The exchange program is implemented within the framework of Erasmus + program. European Union allocates a monthly scholarship of €700-800 for accommodation and other expenses. The sponsors of the project cover transportation fees as well.

As it has been mentioned, not only EIU students are eligible to study abroad within the Erasmus + student exchange project, but the university also hosts international students who arrive to Armenia for academic purposes. Similarly, the students of all the mentioned international universities are eligible for student exchange program and may transfer to Armenia to study at EIU.


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