February 25 2019

Meeting with a Political Scientist



On February 22, 2019 Eurasia International University organized a workshop under the theme “New Realities in Regional Processes 2017-2018”. The seminar was conducted by Garik Keryan, Head of the Chair of Political Institutions and Processes of YSU, Doctor of Political Sciences. At the beginning of the lecture Garik Keryan touched upon the term “South Caucasus”, in particular, the term usage for the three regional (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia) states having different geopolitical views. He then presented in detail the political processes that have had a significant impact on the South Caucasus region and especially on Armenia. In particular, he spoke about the Syrian conflict, Iran’s nuclear program, and sanctions against Russia, regional conflicts, existing and emerging regional military-political alliances. At the end of the seminar a number of questions were addressed to the political scientist, which got their comprehensive answers.