MASTERS/Foreign Languages and Literature/

Foreign Language and Literature  (TEFL)  ( M. A. with  thesis)

M.A. in English Language and Literature is designed to develop ground knowledge on language teaching methodologies, curriculum and materials development, testing as well as second language acquisition and TEFL research.

M.A. TEFL students discuss and apply instructional models and linguistic theories which relate classroom experiences of EFL students to real life communicative needs. They also improve their skills in understanding and conducting research in foreign language education.

The research-scientific courses of the degree program comprise the following special parts:

  • Master-classes
  • Research-scientific work on MA thesis
  • Research-scientific internship
  • Scientific-pedagogical internship
  • The MA thesis defense

The faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature  also provides Cambridge English courses  (KET A2, PET B1, FCE B2, CAE C1, CPE C2) in collaboration with the UFAR EL Cambridge English Assessment Centre.

The department is on keen collaboration with the following educational organizations, hence the department students can get internship in one of them;

  1. “Little Newton” Kindergarten
  2. Ohanyan Collage
  3. Eurasia Collage

The best students also get permanent jobs in the mentioned institutions.

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