General description

The year of accreditation

13.03.2002 թ.

The awarded qualification

The Master’s Law academic program aims to prepare legal practitioners equipped with versatile and quality legal knowledge, who may further provide profound professional along with scientific and pedagogical services. The academic program envisions graduating professionals who possess systematic analytical thinking and are capable of solving the issues arising in the legal system and requiring regulations and solution on the part of professionals. Moreover, the future professionals should be ready to propose well-grounded solutions to the legislative bodies in regard with various legal and governmental issues; provide quality legal consultations; and to efficiently fight against violations of law.

The academic program targets

Based on the EIU mission and the strategy adopted by the institution in 2014-2018, the present academic program targets the following problems:


The academic program aims:

  1. To establish a collaborative environment for implementing national and European quality assurance standards aimed at the provision of the education, which meets the needs of the labor market
  2. To equip students with comprehensive and in-depth legal knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for further profound theoretical and practical achievements and pedagogical performance in the legal field.
  3. To foster the existing general knowledge, competencies and skill vital for legal practitioners.
  4. To contribute to increase of the alumni competitiveness in the labor market as well as foster their integration as members of society equipped with analytical, practical and useful skills.
  5. To expand students’ ability of accepting the new and innovative knowledge as well as standing on the path of constant improvement and self-advancement.


  1. To ensure the students are able to conduct independent scientific and innovative research appropriate to the Master level students.

Public Service

  1. To promote students’ professional competency engaging them in the qualified service provided to the external parties by the legal clinic

Admissions requirements

The applicant should possess a state diploma as a proof of holding a degree of higher or higher professional education.

Employment opportunities

The graduate of Law Master’s program may be employed in the legal sphere as a lecturer, scientific worker, employer at judiciary and law enforcement agencies, consultant, expert, civil servant, as well as take other positions in the legal system and state or local government agencies.

Who may apply?

The Master’s Law application is open for all the interested applicants who wish to:

  • broaden their professional fundamental knowledge
  • acquire new profession
  • develop professionally; gain the skills and knowledge demanded in the labor market currently

The distinctive features of the EIU Master programs

  • Individual approach to every student; personalized development of career opportunities, consulting
  • Teaching opportunities for student equipped with practical skills
  • Academic programs are designed in a way to meet the needs of a labor market
  • Regular sessions with successful and notorious representatives from various spheres
  • Numerous opportunities to receive scholarships and continue education abroad (particularly to continue education abroad within the framework of Erasmus + student exchange program sponsored by the European Union)
  • Flexible schedule, which allows Master’s students to couple their studies along with their employment (classes are organized in the evening after the working hours and on Saturdays)



The specializations of the academic programLearning Goals and Outcomes
Constitutional LawThe goal of the given specialization is to offer comprehensive knowledge, skills and competencies on the RA statutory law, administrative responsibility, as well as issues present in the RA administrative judiciary process and right to social security.
Civil LawThe goal of the given specialization is to offer comprehensive knowledge, skills and competencies on the global issues in the state regulation of entrepreneurial activities, competition act, judicial investigation, practical issues, major issues in the process of judicial review, theory of expert evidence in civil justice as well as corporate law.
Criminal LawThe goal of the given specialization is to offer comprehensive knowledge, skills and competencies on the theory of expert evidence in the criminal proceedings, the present issues in the forensic examination of documents, as well as in ways to avoid punishment, and European standards on human rights in criminal cases.
International Law



The goal of the given specialization is to offer comprehensive knowledge, skills and competencies on the international contract law, international legal protection of human rights, global issues present in the international conflict resolution and regarding the subjects of international law.

Entrepreneurial Law 

The goal of the given specialization is to offer comprehensive knowledge, skills and competencies on the legal regulation of customs relationship in the RA, global issues on the state regulations on the entrepreneurial activity, corporate law, as well as on the accounting and audit of competition act.


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