Master studies: Management

General Description

The year of the accreditation


The awarded qualification

Master of management

The mission of the academic program

In order to successfully solve professional challenges and issues a bachelor of Management is to perform the following functions:

  • Conduct managerial analysis based on the knowledge gained throughout the academic program
  • Familiarize himself/herself with the existing professional literature on the management
  • Participate in the planning, organization, management and supervision processes of an organization
  • Develop the ability to analyze an organization exploring the weaknesses and strengths and conduct rehabilitation measure aimed to target the potential weaknesses
  • Implement efficient human resource management of an organization
  • Perform administrative role through information technologies

The academic program targets

  • Safeguard of the increase of the efficiency of organization
  • Statistical generalization of experimental-research performance
  • Organization and implementation of scientific research
  • Collection, analysis and application of managerial data
  • Management of conflicts, stresses and stabilization of a decision-making process in organization

Admissions requirements

The applicant should possess a state diploma as a proof of holding a degree of higher or higher professional education.

Employment opportunities

The graduate of the given academic program may be employed in any state or private organization featuring managerial or administrative component.

Who may apply?

The Master’s Law application is open for all the interested applicants who wish to:

  • broaden their professional fundamental knowledge
  • acquire new profession
  • develop professionally; gain the skills and knowledge currently required in the labor market

The distinctive features of the EIU Master programs

  • Individual approach to every student; personalized development of career opportunities, consulting
  • Teaching opportunities for student equipped with practical skills
  • Academic programs are designed in a way to meet the needs of a labor market
  • Regular sessions with successful and notorious representatives from various spheres
  • Numerous opportunities to receive scholarships and continue education abroad (particularly to continue education abroad within the framework of Erasmus + student exchange program sponsored by the European Union)
  • Flexible schedule, which allows Master’s students to couple their studies along with their employment (classes are organized in the evening after the working hours and on Saturdays)

Specializations of the academic program

Banking and insurance

By the end of the academic program the graduate student will be proficient in the following areas:

  • Work in the RA banking system
  • Develop the awareness of the agreement provision and advance communication skills with bank customers
  • Obtain knowledge on provision of loans and deposits as well as the practical implementation of the given knowledge in banking system

Acquire the knowledge on the products provided to insurance companies, be capable of presenting complete information on the mentioned products to the customers as well as sing the required contracts with them

Marketing management

  • Possess knowledge on marketing organization, the analysis of marketing environment, consumer research, market segmentation, product positioning, product and organization competitiveness assessment, product development, as well as pricing and specification, planning of marketing communication and sales organization.
  • Develop practical skills in the field of marketing entrepreneurship and strategic planning
  • Demonstrate the problem-solving competency while dealing with various issues or problems arising throughout marketing activity of an organization

Accounting and audit

  • Possess the ability to conduct the accountancy on cash inflow based on the economic performance of an organization
  • Acquire and expand their familiarity and expertise on separate elements in the financial reports and the principles for further changes; have sufficient knowledge on accounting standards
  • Acknowledge the major challenges of auditing and its main organization principles

Business hotel management

  • Develop awareness on socioeconomic types of tourism
  • Possess thorough knowledge on peculiarities of tourism organizations and the industry of their performance
  • Acknowledge the organizational foundations of the tourism industry
  • Possess the hospitality administration skills
  • Gain thorough knowledge on the main procedures of organizing excursions and tours

E-Business management

  • Efficiently apply information technologies in the business processes; incorporate e-business solutions, technologies and services
  • Develop e-business strategy and to supervise the application of e-business solutions and elements
  • Combine innovative solutions and develop awareness on the foundation of copyright
  • Develop ability to run digital marketing and e-commerce
  • Conduct marketing research
  • Understand the peculiarities of entrepreneurship in the hyperspace, build up the skill to run businesses based on hyperspace
  • Provide consulting for the purposes of establishing e-business and solving all the possible arising issues
  • Identify national, European as well as international legal processes regulating e-business
  • Promote the ability to take responsibility for personal and group initiatives, organize the communication between customers and partners timely and efficiently