April 09 2019

Lecture at Eurasia International University. “Strategic management: Case of VU EVAF strategy”

Today, on April 9, Eurasia International University a lecture was organized at EIU on the theme of “Strategic management: Case of VU EVAF Strategy “. The lecture was conducted by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the Vilnius State University (Lithuania), Professor Aida Macerinskiene, who is at the EIU within the framework of the Erasmus + Lecturer Exchange Program.

The meeting consisted of theoretical and practical parts. At first, the professor introduced the differences in the components, mission, vision, goals, formulation, and then in practice, as a case study, presented the latter’s strategic program. The professor also spoke about the university’s educational programs and thoroughly touched upon strategies development and prioritization, their implementation and Key Performance Indicators, as well as the actions performed for each of the strategic priorities.

The next meeting with the professor will be held On April 11, at 12.45 pm, on the theme of “Project management: Time Planning “.