General description

The chair of Law was established in 1996. The activity of the chair is channeled at the development of the juridical sphere and dissemination of the legal culture. Besides, the department of Law organizes the process of legal higher, postgraduate and complementary education along with rigorous research and studies.

The chair of Law has the following missions:

  • To conduct higher professional and postgraduate education considering the needs and requirements of the labor market
  • To ensure the appropriate academic and professional knowledge along with the high level of scientific research
  • To establish close collaboration between students and legal bodies, which will assist students in gaining all the distinctive features and difficulties of legal specialization
  • To promote study skills among students as well as to teach them to accept innovative information, undertake the path of continuous improvement contributing to the globalizing and changing environment. Such skills will ensure their competitiveness in the market.
  • To conduct profound and applied research promoting the advancement and internationalization of the RA legal culture

To engage society in the legal activism introducing them the obtained successful experience and knowledge

The chair of Law organizes education on the following three levels:

  • Bachelor studies
  • Master studies
  • Postgraduate studies

The Legal Clinic

The univerքքsity has launched a legal Clinic where the students have an opportunity to practically apply the knowledge and expertise obtained throughout the academic program. Students are able to offer legal consultations, as well investigate real-life cases. EIU legal Clinic offers free of charge legal consultations, which are conducted by the faculty members and the students of the Chair of Law.

The Legal Clinic organizes public discussions, meetings, presentations and other events at university and other schools. All these events are aimed and contribute to the dissemination of legal awareness among the members society.


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