The International Relations and Research Center of Eurasia International University provides cooperation between EIU and international institutions. The main function of the center is creating opportunities for cooperation between EIU students and staff and representatives of international organizations with the help of implementing unique politics. As a result of collaboration between the center and international organizations new programs are devised which aim at providing and developing practical knowledge for the students, exchange of experience, academic mobility and social reforms.

As a result of collaboration between the center and international organizations new programs are developed which serve the following purposes:

  • Coordination, organization and review of the university undertakings towards exchange programs for university students, faculty and staff.
  • Organization of activities for tightening collaboration between university and other institutions.
  • In the scope of experience exchange, cooperation with other university centers as well as professional associations.
  • Diagnosis of modern social problems and organization of research.
  • Data and analyses publication and distribution based on the research results on modern social problems.
  • Cooperation with local and international organizations engaged in research.
  • Enhancement of EIU students’ and staff’s research skills, consultancy, etc.

International Students

Required Documents

Foreign students who want to apply for degree programs at EIU should on the first place apply to the preparatory department. Final exams of the preparatory department are considered admissions exams for the EIU academic programs. To apply for the preparatory program all the applicants should send the following required documents to email address:


  • application with the photo (sized 3×4)
  • copy of higher education diploma annex (diploma annex should be translated into Armenian and approved by a notary or the corresponding embassy)
  • copy of a passport or birth certificate (to be translated into Armenian and approved either by a notary or the corresponding embassy
  • autobiography
  • medical certificate on the applicant’s health condition (to be translated into Armenian and approved either by a notary or by the corresponding embassy)

Mentoring program

It is always difficult to study abroad and live in a new environment, especially when there are cultural, language and other differences. To that end, Eurasia International University has adopted Mentor’s program to help international students get adapted to the environment.

Mentors are Armenian student-volunteers. Many of them have already been Erasmus students and therefore they know what kind of issues international students may face. All international students have their mentors who can answer a range of questions and assist in helping different problems:

  • Meeting at Zvartnots International Airport
  • Accompanying to the hostel
  • Preparing documents for the migration center
  • On-going counseling and support

Visa Support

Admissions for applicants holding foreign citizenship is carried out according to the decree on “Students with foreign citizenship” adopted by the RA Ministry of Education and Science. When a student is admitted to the preparatory department of EIU, the university applies to the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs to acquire a visa. After acquiring a permit, the student can apply to the Armenian embassy in his or her country to get single entry visa.

Armenian visa is provided in the country of the applicant’s citizenship (or in a neighboring country) by the RA embassy. Foreign applicants from CIS, EU countries as well as the applicants from non-EU, which however adopt Schengen acquis. For applicants under the age of 18 visa is free of charge.

Foreign citizens from the number of countries may obtain visa right on the arrival to Armenia at border checkpoints. The overall process takes about 20-25 minutes.

When the visa is expired, the applicants will need to apply to “Passport and visa department” for visa extension (Yerevan, Mashtots 13a). The citizens with the expired visa are fined.

Applicants may also obtain visa prior to their arrival (electronic visa) applying to the RA Ministry of foreign affairs (

More details on visa authorization are available on the webpage of the RA Ministry of Foreign affairs.


The university hostel welcomes EIU students living in remote areas and foreign EIU students. The hostel does not charge EIU foreign instructors, volunteers and guests.

All the rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi connection.

More information about the hostel here: MORE։

About Armenia

Armenia is a sovereign state, a country located in the South Caucasus.  It is bordered by Georgia to the north, by Iran to the south, by Azerbaijan to the north-west and south-west, and by Turkey to the west. The total area of Armenia is 29800 km2 with the altitude of 1800 m above the sea level. The highest point is Aragats Mountain (4090m), and the lowest point is Debed river canyon (400m). The capital city of Armenia is Yerevan. Based on the census in 2003, the Armenian population comprises 3.1 million people with 1.1 million people living in Yerevan.

  • You may find a brief information on Armenia, its geographic location, climate, currency and transportation network, as well as major expenses here.
  • A list of sightseeing places along with their description is available here.
  • You may download a virtual map of Armenia from here.

Courses offered in foreign languages

The main language of instruction at EIU is Armenian. However, for international students the university offers courses in English and Russian. Students are offered both private and group courses.

The university organizes and offers preparatory courses for international applicants in order to facilitate their transition and further studies in Armenian. If the number of foreign students is large, the university considers a possibility to offer education in English/ Russian or with the help of a translator.

The language of instruction for exchange students visiting the university for a few terms is foreign (English or Russian).

At the end of their studies at EIU exchange students are provided with the transcript containing the detailed description of all the covered courses and the academic standing of a student. Foreign students, who successfully compete bachelor and master’s studies, pass all the required exams are awarded a diploma along with the diploma supplement (containing the detailed description of all the covered courses and the academic standing of a student).

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