November 27 2018

International Mobility and ECTS Credit Recognition. Present-day Challenges:

On November 23, on the initiative of the Erasmus+ national office, the Armenian State Economic University hosted a number of international collaborations staff members from many universities of Armenia to discuss the challenge of recognizing ECTS credits as a result of international mobility.

During the meeting, Arevik Ohanian, Head of the Quality Assurance Center of Eurasia International University presented the policy and practice of the university’s academic mobility and full recognition of credits developed by the University as a result of the participation of Erasmus + Harmony Project, In her speech A. Ohanyan touched upon the issues of international, national and institutional level in detail, noting that the main problems arise at the institutional level and the national legislation does not hamper the mobility. The speaker touched upon the flexibility of the curriculum and the creation of flexible credit programs, highlighting the full introduction and accrual of the academic credit accumulation and transfer system as a precondition for the preparation of competitive professionals for the labor market. In the range of problematic issues she also highlighted the calculation and awarding of creidits.

A. Ohanyan also shared with the audience the experience of EIU credit recognition, citing clear examples. The speaker also touched upon the main factors that make students an incentive to participate in international exchange programs.

Within the framework of the topic various issues were addressed to A. Ohanian, the participants shared their views and conducted an active discussion.