EIU Vision

EIU envisions to be a leading institution of higher education with flexible governance as well as aims to meet the requirements of constantly growing labor market. This institution of higher education offers graduate professionals equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities.

EIU Mission

The university outlines its mission on the following three levels: teaching, research, and service to society. Firs and foremost, EIU prioritizes the organization of effective teaching and learning process.



  • To teach in alignment with national and European quality assurance standards;
  • To organize higher professional and postgraduate education in the field of humanitarian and social sciences as well as information technologies in a way to meet the needs and requirements of labor market;
  • To ensure durable and secure international collaboration localizing the best practices from the field of teaching and quality assurance at the same time internationalizing the educational content;
  • To create a collaborative environment for education beneficiaries, hence to invest into the transfer and spread of modern knowledge, skills, and abilities;
  • To make students develop study skills as well as readiness to accept the new through collaborative methods. Additionally, to strive for continuous self-advancement contributing to the establishment of competition in the dynamic and changing environment.


  • To conduct research aimed at actualizing and internationalizing the academic content as well at the continuous development of the university;
  • To conduct applied research aimed at socioeconomic internalization and development of the RA.


  • To spread the forward-looking practice and knowledge obtained from the fields of research and education, that is, make it accessible to the public;
  • To enlarge the collaboration with community organizations: to include community development socioeconomic issues in the list of topics offered to the students for their graduation papers and internship.

EIU values

Eurasia International University is an academic community where creative thinking, innovation, and initiation are highly valued. With the help of supervised teamwork, the university has resisted the challenges in the academic and economic spheres. These challenges have always been accepted with gratitude and were considered as a pledge of constant growth.

We prefer the path of leadership and excellence, hence we promote and develop the EIU fundamental values among the internal interested parties. Living in the century prone to change we do realize that the constant growth and perfection, in other words, life-long education is the main prerequisite of the current century. Relatively small classrooms and a low number of students in a classroom at university create an opportunity to get to know all the students individually, thus developing students’ teamwork skills, ensuring possibilities for excellence, and promoting creative and critical thinking.

Hence, here are the EIU values:

  • Creative thinking
  • Initiation
  • Excellence
  • Life-long learning
  • Teamwork

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