December 19 2018

How to Make a Proper Commercial Contract? Presentation of an EIU student participated in the Erasmus + International Exchange Program

On  December 18, 2018, EIU International Relations and Research Center organized a seminar on topic “Thematic Comparative Analysis of Commercial Contract” which presented Astghik Asatryan, a fourth-year student of  Law. She studied at the Santiago de Compostela University in Spain within the framework of the Erasmus + Student International Exchange Program.

Astghik introduced her study on the subject “Contractual Rights”. She started the meeting with the definition of the Commercial Contract according to the Constitution of Spain, afterwards referred to the elements of the contract in details. In her speech she conducted a Thematic Comparative Analysis between the commercial contracts stated by the Constitutions of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Spain highlighting the advantages and the disadvantages of the latter and presented suggestions based on it.

To sum up the meeting, the participants asked various questions to Astghik, which led to a lively discussion.