The university hostel welcomes EIU students from remote areas as well as international students. The hostel is offered for free to all the EIU international lecturers, volunteers and guests. Besides, it is also used for foreign tourism purposes. If necessary additional paid services are provided, such as:

  • breakfast (the price for one person is 1000 AMD per day)
  • meet at the airport and transfer
  • tours
  • rent of the computer lab
  • rent of the conference hall
  • rent of the training auditorium
  • rent of the conference room
  • free WiFi connection in all rooms
  • the number of available rooms is: hostel N1- 18 (+7), hostel N2 – 21 (+8)
  • Discounts are offered for groups of eight and more people visiting for at least ten days

The prices for guests

Hostel N 1

Type of room Daily/1 person/AMD

                 Hostel N 2                        

Type of roomDaily/1 person/AMD

An extra bedroom may be added to any of the rooms if the room is occupied by Eurasia university or college student on a regular basis.

Type of roomMonthly/1 person/AMD
Double30 000
Triple25 000
Quadruple20 000

In case of a short-term stay, the following special prices are set: 100 AMD per day (in case a room is full).

Students with high academic standing are not charged for a stay.

The price for international students living in a hostel on a regular basis

    Hostel N1  
Type of roomMonthly/AMD
Up to two persons100 000
Upto three persons120 000
 Hostel N2  
Type of roomMonthly/AMD
Up to two persons90 000
Up to three persons110 000