September 27 2018

Harmony Consortium Members’ Workshop Held  in Voronezh This Time

2018 A regular meeting of the Consortium Harmony Development Program for Higher Education, Research and Innovations in the EU and partner countries was held on September 10-14. This time the event was held at Voronezh State University. In the course of the meeting, the members of the program, including the Eurasia International University, presented their work report.

Vice-rector on Strategic Development of EIU Hovhannes Harutyunyan and Head of Quality Assurance Center Arevik Ohanyan presented the results of the research on the internationalization of the RA higher education, as well as the EIU internationalization strategy. The EIU is aimed at implementing more intensive internationalization initiatives taking into account the changing national policies and priorities, the reformed mechanisms that will ensure the smooth implementation of the planned actions. The strategy of internationalization of the university is presented in the framework of 5 main pillars, including: (i) Internationalization of research and international cooperation, (v) Improving EIU international visibility. (i) Internationalization of research and international cooperation, (ii) Promotion of outsourcing and incoming student mobility and increase in number of international students, (iii) Curriculum and Internationalization of Education; Significant steps and initiatives have already been implemented within these five areas.