Department of foreign Languages and Literature

Welcome to the EIU Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. The study of a foreign language increases understanding of the interaction between language, culture and thought. Through language study, students broaden their perspective as well as their knowledge base, allowing them to read and understand material that would otherwise be available only in translation.

Global socioeconomic conditions in the new millennium require the need for going beyond conventional teacher education models.  Based on this philosophy, the department provides a solid foundation in the field of English Language teaching and helps them to develop strategies for teaching English in elementary, secondary or high school levels.

The department is on keen collaboration with the following educational organizations, hence the department students can get internship in one of them;

  1. Newtonik “Little Newton” Kindergarten
  2. Ohanyan Collage
  3. Eurasia Collage

The best students also get permanent jobs in the mentioned institutions.