June 08 2018

For the Applicants to Eurasia International University in 2018: 

Applicants who have enrolled to do their first year at the university, as well as second and third year students who have transferred from other universities, are offered a real opportunity to take part in international exchange programs. For many years the University has been implementing international student exchange programs with leading European universities from Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania and other countries. Each year over twenty EIU students are given the chance to study for one or two terms in more than 12 countries, attending theoretical and practical classes and carrying out joint research projects of their professional choice.


There are many advantages for the students involved in exchange programs, such as:


  • not only the students are exempt from the tuition fee, they also receive €850-1000 scholarship which fully covers all the expenses in the country of stay
  • the transportation expenses are reimbursed by the program
  • the minimum study term is one semester
  • the students preselect the required courses and credits and submit them to Eurasia International University with to ensure continuity of their studies
  • they are entitled to students’ right to freely and almost gratis travel in European countries
  • they get familiarized with the academic system and culture of the host country, get motivated for further studies, and upon return contribute to the improvement of Eurasia International University’s academic culture
  • having acquired practical occupational skills, they get hired immediately upon graduation or even in parallel with their studies (and get competitive remuneration, too)
  • they improve their English language oral and written communication skills
  • they stay in touch with their host university and later on can take part in various programs of their own accord, if they wish.

Dear applicant, by electing Eurasia International University you will have an exceptional opportunity to build your career and to secure a job in Armenia, as well as in European countries.