November 11 2016

Eurasia International University again a member of the Erasmus + Program

Eurasia International University has started new academic year with a set of noteworthy events.

EIU has once again won the funding competition announced by the Erasmus + International project (namely “Strategic development program for higher education, research, innovative approaches and comprehensive internalization of EU and partner countries”). Participation in this project is a very important strategic step for EIU.

At the same time, it is very obliging, as among the other partner universities are such European universities as Ashton University, Great Britain; the University of Kassel, Germany; Sapienza University of Rome etc.  Another Armenian partner institutions involved in this project are Russian -Armenian Slavonic University and the RA Ministry of Education.

The aim of the project is to increase the attractiveness of higher education institutions, validate educational integration, distribute of innovations and knowledge, and internationalize higher education in accordance with the main provisions of the Bologna process.

The duration of the project is 36 months. The University of Seville, Spain is the coordinator university.

The project is mainly concerned with:

– conducting a thorough research about internalization in many higher education institutions

– developing strategic methods for the internationalization of education

– organizing trainings and professional development sessions for the faculty and administrative staff of the universities

– creating a network of experts on higher education internationalization

–  processing a set of measures for the internationalization of the universities

– establishing strategic development committees for the internationalization of education for EU countries, Russia, Belarus and Armenia.

We are happy to announce that Eurasia International University has already started working on the project approaching it with great sense of responsibility. Moreover, we are ready to apply all the above mentioned goals.

Let us kindly remind that only EIU students are eligible for this project.