March 08 2019

EIU Rector Suren Ohanyan Congratulates Women on March 8

Dear friends of the Eurasia International University and EIU College, students, and all Armenian women of the whole world,

I warmly and humbly congratulate all of you on March 8. I am deeply convinced that the role of the Armenian woman is invaluable. Since the ancient times, the woman was considered the base of the Armenian family; the Armenian Goddesses Anahit, Astghik and Nane played an important role in the Pontifical Prison, after the introduction of Christianity; the woman’s worship was expressed in the Virgin Mary’s image. The queens, Erato, Parandzem, Zapel have left a significant trace in history.

The role of the Armenian woman in the preservation of the national identity is unmatched, as you have always been to the homeland defenders as Yeghishe’s “affectionate ladies”. Thanks to your dedication and devotion, you have been the bearer and keeper of our culture and family traditions for centuries. It is appropriate to remember the words of the great Nzhdeh. “We patronize the Armenian woman and leave her the work of upbringing our younger generation. Let her tenderness preserve our mother tongue, the Trinity, Masis and the sacredness of our tribe.”

Being distinguished by innovation, constructive suggestions, and initiatives for the introduction of European educational culture, you have always done your best to awaken and advance our education.

Once again congratulate all of you, I wish you health, happiness, new and bright horizons in professional spheres and harmony in your families. Let your days be filled with spit and laughter, embraced with love and splendor in every moment.