September 28 2017

EIU delegation visited University of Valencia

On September 18-26, the EIU delegation visited the University of Valencia in Spain. The delegation was chaired by the EIU rector Suren Ohanyan.

The objective of the EIU visit to the university was to advance the cooperation and research opportunities between two partner universities.

During the visit, the EIU delegation met the rector of University of Valencia, Estaban Mortilla Sanchez, and the vice-rector for Internationalization and development. They introduced the peculiarities and strategies of the university of Valencia, which origin dates back to more than 500 years. The university officials expressed their eagerness to develop collaboration and expand their scope. During the visit, the delegation also had a meeting with the head of Quality assurance center and their team, who introduced them the country’s external accreditation system and approaches, as well as the peculiarities of the university’s internal insurance system.

The next meeting took place at the center for International relations and development. The employees of the center touched upon the programs for development of opportunities, research and mobility.

The head of the center for International relations, Carlos Pomer, introduced a new framework for further cooperation between the partner universities. He also outlined the opportunities for the EIU students and faculty members currently involved in the Erasmus+ Action 1 project. Those were later verified in the form of a contract.

The delegation had a chance to take a tour around the university laboratories, historical museums and other buildings of the campus. All the members learned about the history and traditions of the University of Valencia. It is noteworthy to mention, that during the previous year, six EIU students had a chance to study at this outstanding university within the framework of Erasmus + project. In the future, three more students are going to be selected and enrolled in the corresponding departments.