Graduates of the Eurasia International University are given diploma supplement corresponding to the form developed by European Commission, Council of Europe, and UNESCO/CEPES.  The annex is aimed at providing sufficient data, which will improve the international “transparency” of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates, etc.) and “fair” academic and professional recognition. It is intended for presenting a description of the academic program of the student’s choice, his/her academic performance and status.

The supplement provides.

  • Description of the qualification which is more comprehensible and easily comparable abroad.
  • A clear description of the students’ final results as well as the level of competency about those results.
  • An easier opportunity for job placement due to more comprehensible information found for the employer.

The supplement of diploma comprises the following parts:

  1. Information about the qualified person
  2. Information about the qualification
  3. Information about the level of qualification
  4. Information about the content and achieved results
  5. Information about the function of the qualification
  6. Supplementary information
  7. Information about the national higher education system

A sample diploma supplement:

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