December 12 2018

Conference on “Triangle of Education, Research and Innovation” Topic at Eurasia International University

On December 11, 2018, Eurasia International University organized an interuniversity conference on the theme “The Triangle of Education, Research and Innovation”. During the conference the connection of research with education and business was discussed, teaching up-to-date methods and technologies dedicated to creative and innovative thinking were introduced; the commercialization opportunities of research results were also discussed.

Hovhannes Atabekyan, the Manager of EV Consulting stated that “The state policy is primarily aimed at financing theoretical investigations; however, it is also important to emphasize the practical part of these studies. The state policy, aimed at Science and Innovation, is fragmented։ In this context, we suggest to develop a single policy, drawing upon the initiatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments and the Ministry of Education and Science.

Gagik Makaryan, the President of Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, highlighted the increasing competitiveness of students and the youth in the labor market at the present stage of Armenia’s economic development. “”In this regard, it is important to stimulate the quality of education in the direction of practical knowledge and individual  analytical work to raise the competitiveness of youth in the labor market”, noted Gagik Makaryan. According to the speaker, it is also important to stimulate the volunteer work of young people by employers as well as to develop their research capacities. These problems should be prioritized for employers, as a result of which young people will be integrated into the organization in a shorter period of time. “”It is necessary to ensure the participation of employers in the educational process, which will also contribute to the professional orientation of young people and the acquisition of necessary practical knowledge, to promote their knowledge and practical skills,” said Gagik Makaryan.

Presenting the CRRC experience at the Yerevan State University, Heghine Manasyan, the CEO of Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) spoke about the need of making a creative and research ecosystem. The speaker also presented the open database of the center, highlighting the availability of such databases, which is a target source for researchers in the international index journals.

“The university must predict the labor market demands instead of trying to respond

to those demands directly. Dynamic development of educational content is especially important in a constantly changing environment. It is necessary to provide an environment in the HEIs where these changes can be found more quickly.” stated Suren Ohanyan, the Rector of Eurasia International University.

Mary Boghosian, a lecturer at the American University of Armenia presented successful methods and models of innovative and critical thinking. The reporter remarked that students and professionals are mainly directed to the problem, but in order to ensure progress, they should work on the solution guided by healthy criticism.

Researchers and scientists from spheres of Agriculture, Information and telecommunication, Education and Innovation came up with their reports, introducing innovative technologies and research results in above-mentioned areas. The participants had an opportunity to share their opinions and experience in education, research, innovation and related fields.