December 14 2018

Citizenship Institution in the European Union: the Participant of International Exchange Program Shares Her Knowledge with Other Students

On December 13, 2018 EIU International Relations and Research Center organized a seminar on “Citizenship Institute in the European Union” topic, which presented Nona Adunts, a third-year student of Department of Law. Nona studied at the University of Valencia, Spain within the framework of Erasmus + Student International Exchange Program.

  1. Adunts introduced her study on the subject “Universities of the European Union” She started the seminar with the introduction of European Union Policy, the four main principles of Citizenship Institution, afterwards, referred to EU Citizenship Rights and Promotion of Mutual Values, Advantages of EU Citizenship, Security Consolidation and Equality Promotion, Protection of Citizens’ Equality and Discrimination Exclusion. In her speech, Nona especially highlighted the importance of several actions to improve EU citizens’ life and eliminate obstacles, and presented her suggestions aimed at improvement of RA Citizenship Institute.

To sum up the meeting, the participants asked various questions to Nona, which led to a lively discussion.