General description

Admissions process

The year of accreditation


The awarded qualification

Bachelor in Law with specialization in Law

The mission of the academic program

The mission of the BA Law program is to equip students with theoretical, practical and profound knowledge in the legal field as well as to educate legal practitioners developing advanced analytical skills. The university aims to graduate professionals, who will be capable of establishing and enacting legal acts and norms ensuring legal enforcement in various spheres of social life.

The academic program targets

Based on the EIU mission and the strategy adopted by the institution in 2018-2020, the present academic program targets the following problems:


 The academic program aims:

  1. To establish a collaborative environment for implementing national and European standards of quality assurance aimed at the provision of the education, which meets the needs of the labor market
  2. To equip students with the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for further accomplishment of profound theoretical and practical skills in the legal field
  3. To form general knowledge, competencies and skills vital for legal practitioners.
  4. To enhance the competitiveness of alumni in the labor market as well as foster their integration as members of society equipped with analytical, practical and useful skills.
  5. To make the students develop the ability of accepting the new and innovative knowledge as well as standing on the path of constant improvement and self-advancement.


  1. To stimulate students undertake personal scientific and innovative research as well as come up with initiatives by introducing them the basics of research methods.

Public Service

  1. To promote students’ professional competency engaging them in the qualified service provided to the external parties by the legal clinic.

Admissions requirements

The applicant should posses the School Certificate of General Secondary Education, or diploma on vocational education with the final transcript (attestat) approving the completion of general or professional secondary education.

Employment opportunities

The students who have successfully graduated the Law program may be employed in the legal sphere and take positions of an investigator, attorney, lawyer, judge, notary, civil servant, and a legal consultant in private enterprises. Moreover, the graduates of the present academic program are also competitive for other positions in the law enforcement system, local self-government bodies, as well as other state government branches.


Specializations of the academic programLearning Goals and Outcomes
Constitutional LawThe goal of the given specialization is to offer thorough knowledge, skills and competencies on the administrative responsibility, advocate services, right to vote, principles of lawmaking in the RA, and precedent law cases in the European Court of Human Rights.
Criminal LawThe goal of the given specialization is to offer thorough knowledge, skills and competencies on the judicial system, global issues of the preliminary investigation in the RA, precedent law cases in the European Court of Human Rights, and criminology.
Civil LawThe goal of the given specialization is to offer thorough knowledge, skills and competencies on the advocate services, customs legislation, contractual right in the RA, and private international law.
International Law



The goal of the given specialization is to offer thorough knowledge, skills and competencies on the international commercial law, international humanitarian law, international contractual right,  precedent law cases in the European Court of Human Rights, and private international law.

The list of courses offered to students by the chair of Law

General education courses on humanities and social sciences

  • Introduction to philosophy
  • Introduction to political science
  • Introduction to ecology
  • Introduction to logic

General education courses in mathematics and natural sciences

  • First aid for emergency situations
  • Civil defense
  • Basic computer skills
  • Introduction to economics

General professional courses

  • Theory of state and law 1
  • Theory of state and law 2
  • Constitutional right of the RA 1
  • Constitutional right of the RA 2
  • Civil right 1: general course
  • Civil right 2: professional course
  • Civil Justice 1
  • Civil Justice 2
  • Criminal Law: crimes
  • Criminal Law: punishment
  • Criminal Law: professional course
  • Criminal Procedures 1
  • Criminal Procedures 2: professional course
  • Forensic Science 1
  • Forensic Science 2
  • Labor Right
  • Fundamentals of the Roman Private Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Customs right
  • Human rights
  • Precedent Law
  • Financial Law
  • History of state and law of foreign countries

Specialized courses

  • Administrative trials
  • Foundations of Human Rights
  • European Law
  • International public Law
  • International and European private Law
  • Forensic psychology
  • Forensic healthcare
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • RA law enforcement bodies
  • Family Law

Elective Courses

  • History of political and legal doctrines
  • Right to intellectual property
  • Contractual right
  • Expert evidence in criminal proceeding
  • Introduction to law-making
  • Legal analysis and writing skills
  • Global issues of the state and law theory
  • International commercial law
  • International economic organizations
  • Law of associations
  • Global issues of the preliminary investigation in the RA
  • Business and commercial law
  • Penal Law
  • Baking regulations
  • International contractual law
  • Criminology

Required documents

  • A valid statement (with a photo) on the completion of the high school approved by the head of the school or an official diploma with the final transcript (attestat) after high school graduation (the school graduates of previous years are to submit a certificate on the completion of the secondary education or diploma)
  • 6 photos (sized 3×4 cm)
  • A document on the eligibility for the army service (call-up age)
  • A valid identification document (passport, ID card, military service card, birth certificate, refugee certificate)
  • Military service card and the statement form the military committee on the completion of the compulsory military service
  • Certificates of participation to state and international competitions (fests, olympiads etc.)
  • The payment receipt of participation to each of the university entrance exams and documents admissions (the fee is 1500 AMD)

The deadline for the submission of the admission documents is August 30, 2019. All the school graduate students of the 2015-2016 academic year, army-differed students (2019 Spring), international applicants as well as the applicants who possess secondary processional education are urged to follow the deadline.

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