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English Language and Literature  (Pedagogy)

BA in English Language and Literature provides students with particular knowledge and skills in English language teaching and pedagogy, as well as linguistics and English-American world literature- each focus on different learning outcomes, but all can be applied to the wider market of language teaching and education.

The skills and experience students develop during the education degree prepare them for a range of careers working with children, young learners and students.

Jobs related to the degree include:

  • Early years teacher
  • Primary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Teaching assisstant
  • High school teacher

The department is on keen collaboration with the following educational organizations, hence the department students can get internship in one of them;

  1. Newtonik “Little Newton” Kindergarten
  2. Ohanyan Collage
  3. Eurasia Collage

The best students also get permanent jobs in the mentioned institutions.

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