General description


General description of the program

The year of accreditation


The awarded qualification

  • Bachelor of Pedagogy with the specialization in “Foreign Languages ​​and Literature”
  • Bachelor of Philology with the specialization in “Foreign Languages ​​and Literature”

The mission of the academic program 

The qualification of a Foreign Language and Literature teacher aims to train specialists equipped with fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge of foreign language and literature, along with pedagogical skills and methodological skills. The foreign language and literature professional academic program aims to graduate specialists in the field of intercultural communication.

The goal of the foreign language and literature foreign qualification is to train specialists equipped with basic theoretical knowledge, reading skills, communication and other practical skills. The academic program of “Foreign languages and literature” envisions graduating leading specialists in the field of vocational education. The specialization of philology prepares prominent experts in the following areas: literary theory, history of literature, analysis of literary texts, cultural studies and world literature, with an emphasis on Russian, Armenian and foreign literature.

The academic program targets

Based on the EIU mission and the strategy adopted by the institution in 2014-2018, the present academic program targets the following problems:


The academic program aims to:

  1. Establish a collaborative environment for implementing national and European quality assurance standards aimed at the provision of the education, which meets the needs of the labor market
  2. Equip students with comprehensive and in-depth knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for further profound theoretical and practical achievements and pedagogical performance in the field of literature and linguistics, as well as foreign language.
  3. Foster the development of knowledge, competencies and skills vital for a teacher aware of various existing teaching methodologies.
  4. Contribute to increase of the alumni competitiveness in the labor market as well as foster their integration as members of society equipped with analytical, practical and useful skills.
  5. Expand students’ ability of accepting the new and innovative knowledge as well as standing on the path of constant improvement and self-advancement.
  6. Develop various teaching skills integrating them with diverse learning models
  7. Promote and develop general research skills appropriate in the linguistics and teaching
  8. Advance innovative theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of teaching a foreign language
  9. Equip students with preliminary theoretical knowledge and experience
  10. Make students develop innovative knowledge and practical skills regarding the methods of teaching foreign languages.


To stimulate students, undertake personal scientific and innovative research as well as come up with initiatives by introducing them the basics of research methods.

Public service

Contribute to raising the professional qualification of students, engaging them in undergraduate courses of low courses, internships and volunteer work in different levels of teaching, college, preschool, school, language training center.

Employment opportunities

The graduate students qualified as Bachelors in Pedagogy may work at public schools, language centers of junior, middle and senior levels, or humanitarian colleges.


The specializations of the academic programLearning goals and outcomes
  • Differentiation of linguistic issues
  • Ability to practically apply the acquired knowledge
  • Differentiation between the levels of linguistic analysis and linguistic units
  • Fluent written and verbal communication skills in a foreign language
  • Acquisition and presentation of linguistic theories, hypothesis and explanations
  • Familiarity with phonetics, grammar, and lexicology of a foreign language
  • Awareness of basics of pedagogical methodology
  • Teaching and preparatory training in a given foreign language

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