Bachelor studies: Management

General Description

 The year of the accreditation


The awarded qualification

 Bachelor of management

The mission of the academic program

The academic program aims to prepare qualified professionals in the field of “Management” equipped with thorough knowledge in the field of management and information technologies along with the practical skills, to graduate professionals proficient in the field of their performance and corresponding to the requirements of both national and international labor market.

The academic program targets

  • Research modern trends in the industry of management
  • Research methodological and theoretical foundations of management
  • Research management principles, methods, functions and measures
  • Adapt the whole range of measures of the decision making process and the actual implementation in the market
  • Develop independent research skills in order to explore the professional literature and conduct further research using the acquired skills and knowledge
  • Form and offer the knowledge appropriate for the present requirements and market as well as supervise the learning process
  • Present and clarify the decision-making process in the administrative field as well as all the mechanisms essential for the implementation
  • Develop the managerial performance in national organizations

Admissions requirements

The applicant should posses the School Certificate of General Secondary Education, or diploma on vocational education with the final transcript (attestat) approving the completion of general or professional secondary education.

 Employment opportunities

The students who have successfully graduated the Management program may be employed in a variety of organizations performing in diverse fields as such as commercial and non-profit organizations, financial institutions, the RA Central Bank, the RA Ministry of Finance. The graduates of the program may also work at financial, scientific, research, information analysis departments as economists, analysts as well as public relations professionals. The present program provides its graduates the opportunity to come up with personal initiatives and involve into entrepreneurship.