General description

Based on the decree by the Ministry of Education (09.07.2013. N 918-A / C), Eurasia International University offers post graduate education on the specialization of “German languages” (J .02.07).


Eurasia International University has established the “Research and development” center. Th main objectives and functions of the center are:

  • To publish scientific methodological studies based on the conducted research
  • To cooperate with the corresponding departments of local and international non-governmental and state organizations in order to equip both students and faculty with diversified opportunities to engage in scientific research
  • To promote research skills of students, faculty and staff and provide consulting services
  • To provide thorough information to students, faculty and staff on the upcoming opportunities to engage in university-level, as well as national and international scientific research and professional development
  • To promote the research culture within students’ graduation projects and academic programs

Eurasia International University holds a primary educational principle for each student to be aware of research methods and skills and be capable of conducting independent research. This is why any graduation or thesis project should entail a research component (this infers that any project cannot be purely theoretical). This is where Research and Development center highly assists and facilitates students research through continuous courses, trainings, individual consulting and other help.

EIU “Research and development” center collaborates with all the university departments throughout the process of designing and conducting research. The center has a consulting service, which is open not only for all the EIU students and faculty while are engaged in research but also all the interested parties. The center is open for new connections and collaboration with various organizations. 

The email address of the Research and Development Center is:

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